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Breaking Changes

In this documentation section, we will discuss all the issues you faced if you update from one version to another major version? Also important update through the ChawkBazar which may cause error will be notified here.

So, please keep the old site backup first for safe migrating approach.


If you see such issues in our theme, update the theme and plugin. Check out the links below to update the plugin and theme.

Theme Update Plugin Update



A new panel has been added to Customize with control of search pages (Customizing ▸ Chawkbazar Theme Panel ▸ Search Page). search_page_settings

A new panel has been added to Customize with control of global search (Customizing ▸ Chawkbazar Theme Panel ▸ Global Search). global_search_settings

Elementor widget out of control feature. (This feature includes all product widget, except featured product). out_of_stock_control

Global search out of stock control feature. out_of_stock_control_global_search

Product search and default product search page ordering. out_of_stock_control_product_search

This control will effect in shop, archive and related products. out_of_stock_control_shop


  • Introduce new option in category.
  • Introduce new option in product listing.

new-category-feature-v-1.0.6 new-category-feature-v-1.0.6-2 new-category-feature-v-1.0.6-3 new-category-feature-v-1.0.6-4 new-category-feature-v-1.0.6-5


  • Introduce new product layout (Bromine).
    • This product grid only apply for (Product archive, Elementor grid and Custom search page).
      • Elementor grid apply for (Best Selling, Featured Product, Flash Sale and Newest Product).
  • Introduce new single product layout (Layout Two).

bromine_grid_customize.jpg bromine_grid_elementor.jpg bromine_grid_custom_search_page.jpg bromine_grid_custom_search_page_preview.jpg

woo_new_single_page_layout.jpg woo_new_single_page_layout_slider_thumb_position.jpg