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How to update theme?

After purchasing the theme, you'll get an option on the ThemeForest download page to get notified after update the item. Make sure you click that notification, and with that, you'll get a message after release the update to ThemeForest. Then download the updated theme package and reinstall or reupload the ``

How to use child theme?

In the theme package, you should get a file named `` Upload this zip as a theme and activate it. Make sure you already have ChawkBazar installed. Both child and main theme must have to be installed, but the child theme has to be activated.

How to optimize my site?
To optimize your site, you can use two free plugins. You can also configure CDN, and for object caching, you can also use `Redis` if your server supports it. You can use any other caching plugin.

After deactivating and reactivating the theme my site is broken nothing is showing properly. How to fix?

Make sure the `ChawkBazar Helper` plugin is active. If not, please activate these plugins. This plugin got deactivated when the ChawkBazar theme is not active.