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Change logs


- YITH woocommerce product Bundles have design breaking issue on the showing bundle products.
- PW WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin page have design issue with add to cart button.
- Update Chawkbazar Demo page links
- Customer Support, Video Documentation and Online Documentation


- Deprecated: _register_controls is <strong>deprecated</strong> since version 3.1.0! Use Elementor\Controls_Stack::register_controls() instead. issue solved
- Regular price sale price issue update.


- Query optimized.
- Elementor widgets loading issue fixed.
- Image cropping function update.


- Update Chawkbazar Theme Helper.
- Search page issue solved.
- Update Chawkbazar Theme.
- Variable price low to high issue solved.


- Update Chawkbazar Theme Helper.
- .pot file update.
- Update Chawkbazar Theme.
- .pot file update.
- WPML Support
- Sticky header disable/enable control add.


- Update Chawkbazar Theme Helper.
- .pot file update.
- Performance update.
- Update Chawkbazar Theme.
- .pot file update.
- Mobile version single product slider thumb issue solved.
- Product single image blurry issue fixed.
- Add to cart button height issue fixed.
- Mobile navigation my account button issue fixed.
- Introduce new feature (Out of stock) control add.
- Elementor widget, global search, shop and search page.
- Search page default product order issue fixed.
- Search page settings message add.
- Search page warning issue fixed.
- Control add search widget price section.
- A new panel has been added to Customize with control of search pages (Customizing ▸ Chawkbazar Theme Panel ▸ Search Page).
- A new panel has been added to Customize with control of global search (Customizing ▸ Chawkbazar Theme Panel ▸ Global Search).


- Update Chawkbazar Theme Helper.
- .pot file update.
- Update Chawkbazar Theme.
- Add category option (Hide and show empty category,Hide and show sub category, Add some listed category).
- Add brand option (Hide and show empty brand,Hide and show sub brand, Add some listed brand).
- Product listing widget.
- Hide and show empty category,
- Hide and show child category,
- Add some listed category,
- Limit,
- Order By,
- Order,
- Add search box and many more (Category and brands).
- Unlimited product attributes added support.
- .pot file update.
- CSS issue fixed.
- Add child theme.


- Update Chawkbazar Theme Helper.
- Update Chawkbazar Theme.
- Add payment card in footer.
- Fixed social profile card in footer.
- Fixed Default / Custom category page customize option issue.
- CSS issue fixed.


- Update Chawkbazar Theme Helper.
- Performance issue update.
- Search page settings issue update.
- Bromine grid update.
- CSS issue fixed.


- Introduce new product layout (Bromine).
- This product grid only apply for (Product archive, Elementor grid and Custom search page).
-- Elementor grid apply for (Best Selling, Featured Product, Flash Sale and Newest Product).
- Introduce new single product layout (Layout Two).
- Update Chawkbazar Theme Helper.


- Internationalization support add.


- Helper plugin update.
- Lazy load image customize on / off option add.
- Custom search page QuickView issue solved.
- Default / Custom category page customize option add.
- CSS issue fixed.


- initial release.

Thank You